Our investment approach builds upon our experience and skills and our strong desire to help companies grow in size and value. We add value through the involvement of our principals who have extensive industry, operational management, board of directors, investing and capital market experience.

Characteristics we look for in investment candidates include:

  • Commitment to Growth - We seek to provide capital to companies whose management and boards are committed to implement aggressive, yet achievable growth plans.

  • Favorable Industry Characteristics - We focus on technology sectors where we have depth of knowledge and experience, where significant structural changes and technology discontinuities are in play, and industries where there are significant opportunities for growth and consolidation.

  • Targeted Sectors Include:
    • Software, information services and technologies,
    • Medical related diagnostics and devices,
    • Electronics systems, sub-systems and components, and
    • Other sectors being transformed by adoption of new technologies such as energy and management of natural resources.